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Take Your Client Management to the Next Level

Stagebase provides an elegant client management platform designed for service-based businesses. Our solution allows client-facing teams to orchestrate and manage client processes internally and externally from one platform.

Process Templates  –  Automation Tools  –  Branded Customer Portal


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Design and Manage the Right Client Experience

Gain efficiency and scale by formalizing your client experience with easy-to-use process design tools that become active & collaborative templates visible to teams and customers.

Keeping everyone aligned on activities and goals, holding teams accountable, and eliminating the customer bottleneck shortening time-to-value by up to 50%

Automate Admin Activities and Client Communication

Integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, and more, empower teams to improve efficiencies and scale by using Stagebase’s automation tools to automate internal processes, handoffs, and more with connected external tools and data sources.

Eliminate the time-intensive activities of chasing, updating, and progressing clients through lifecycle processes with automated notification, updates, and in-process email communications. And, with our Gmail and Outlook integrations, all emails come from your business email account.

Improve Retention by
Winning at Client Experience

Deliver the Right Outcomes with the Right Processes

Client facing teams ensure that services & products are implemented to live up to their promises. We make it easy for your team to deliver the right client experiences so clients achieve the right outcomes at scale.

Close the Strategy-to-Execution Gap

High-level client plans leave too much to interpretation and inconsistency.

Our platform’s detailed guidance ensures that everyone executes the right way every time.

Proactively Measure and Improve Process-Specific Metrics

Have clear visibility and take control of the leading indicators that produce the best results and deliver an exceptional experience at scale.

Create Shared Visibility and Accountability With a Client Portal

Dramatically reduce time to value and manage expectations by providing visibility and driving accountability so that everyone — including clients — is clear on their role in achieving success.

Be Strategic

Don’t let busy work stop you from becoming the strategic partner your clients need. Our system automates day-to-day client communications so you can work on what matters most.

Scale Your Success

With time management dashboards that show the most important activities to work on and automated workflows, your teams can work with two or three times as many clients without diluting your client experience and success.

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