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Win at every stage of customer success.

We help customer success managers win at every stage of the customer journey, from onboarding and adoption to engagement and renewals.

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The journey doesn't stop at onboarding

Giving customers the keys to the car is just the beginning. Stagebase ensures that you drive value for customers throughout the all-important first year with a successful implementation and onboarding process, followed by the right adoption and engagement experience making renewals a natural outcome of a healthy relationship. It takes winning at every stage to have customers for life.

Stop chasing customer health scores

Traditional health scores rely on lagging data that put you in a “red” recovery mode. Stagebase puts you in the driver’s seat, so you can proactively identify and resolve any issues and quickly make the right adjustments to your process, so they don’t happen again. We help you take control of the customer experience before the damage is done. All customers in the green.


Improve Retention by
Winning at Every Stage

Deliver the Right Customer Outcomes with the Right Processes

Customer success teams ensure that products live up to their promises. We make it easy for your CS teams to deliver the right customer experiences, so customers achieve the right outcomes at scale.

Close the Strategy-to-Execution Gap

High-level customer journey plans leave too much to interpretation and inconsistency.

Our platform’s detailed guidance ensures that everyone executes the right way every time.

Proactively Measure and Improve Stage-Specific Metrics

Instead of reacting to customer health scores, identify and take control of the leading indicators that produce results at every stage of success, making renewals the natural result of a healthy relationship.

Create Shared Visibility and Accountability

Dramatically reduce time to value and manage expectations by providing visibility and driving accountability so that everyone — including customers — is clear on their role in achieving success.

Be Strategic

Don’t let busy work stop you from becoming the strategic partner your customers need. Our system automates day-to-day customer communications so you can work on what matters most.

Scale Your Customer Success

With our time management dashboards and automated workflows, your CSMs can work with two or three times as many customers without diluting your customer experience and success.

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